obla Retired League Director

It has been nearly three years since I began managing ozfortress competitions. Over this period of time we've hosted eight seasons of the seasonal league, and many off-season cups. However, that time for me has come to an end, as effective immediately I will be stepping down as ozfortress League Director.

Over the last few months my priorities have changed as my new career kicks off. There was not enough motivation to justify me leading ozfortress, and I believe the community deserves a more dedicated League Director. Therefore, the time has come for me to give others a chance to better the league for the Oceanic community.

Despite this, I am proud of what ozfortress has become over the last three years. We have moved from matches being organised on a forum to a fully fledged tournament system (thanks to /dev/zero). TF2 is no longer played for only half the year, moving to a triannual system to keep up with the international leagues. Servers have also become easier to use, with the Discord booking system replacing the ancient IRC. The Global Whitelist also replaced the restrictive whitelist of seasons past.

Effective immediately, catfish is the new ozfortress League Director. I have full confidence that he will make ozfortress even better than it is today. This decision not a sudden change having been made months prior, and my successor has been briefed to make this a smooth transition. Nevertheless, I will still be advising or administrating where required and requested.

I am eternally grateful for the experiences I was able to gather, but most importantly the people I was able to meet, play and work with. With a grateful heart, I thank the entire community for the encouragement, cooperation and trust you have shown to me over the years. It's been fun hanging out with you all both online and in person. I'd like to thank all the ozfortress administrators both current and past for helping me through all the logistics, as well as those who have ever contributed, is still contributing or will contribute in the future to the competitive TF2 scene. The scene is small and self-driven, and it is those community leaders who keep the scene going forward. My role as League Director may end here but ozfortress and the competitive TF2 community will continue to advance without me.

obla Retired League Director

In light of this, my contributions to my non-ozfortress commitments will also change.

Conquer Servers as we know it will be closing soon. I may be making arrangements to continue this service but will keep you updated. If it closes, I thank all that have joined over the 4 1/2 years.

PugChamp as we know it will also be closing soon. However, this is just to moving infrastructure and the down time will only be a few days. My role in this will also depreciate to just technical management.

i love u obla

Thanks for everything you've done for ozfortress. Best of luck w/ your new career.

Good luck in your new career mate!

mitch LAN Downunder & Summer Brawl staff

You and your team have really turned around ozfortress since OZF 15, Thank you for your work and congratulations on your new career :)

in obla's time:
7 ozfortress seasons
4 Summer Cups
2 Ultiduo tournaments
18 ozfortress bans :)
273 #random's (from everyone but heh)


thx obla   

sage Retired League Admin

The time and effort you've put into ozfortress will always be remembered and appreciated, thank you Obla :)