catfish Head Administrator


Who will be moderating the trial?

At the moment, all judges are ozfortress administrators with Hawk serving as head judge. However, we are open to other players becoming judges in the future. All future judges will be public. If you think you have what it takes to moderate an ozfortress trial, submit an application here using this template.

What happens if I don’t agree to be on the jury?

If you are selected to be on the jury for a trial, you must accept it. Failure to show up to the assigned hearing will result in an ozfortress ban.

Why is it being live streamed?

In order for the general public to hold all parties accountable, we have decided that it is for the betterment of the community that all trials are streamed. This is to ensure that all ozfortress members are able to see the decision making of everyone involved in the trial at all times and make sure that all trials are being held legitimately.

Why is it taking place in a TF2 map?

While programs like Discord are very common now, not all ozfortress players have a Discord account. Because of this, we have decided that the only viable course of action is to have the trials take place in TF2 as it is the only platform we can be sure that all of our members have access to.

What map will we be using?

Trials will take place on the map ozf_courtroom, made by ozfortress administrator and judge skaz. You can download the map here.

How will I know if I have been chosen for the jury?

If you are selected to be on an ozfortress jury, you will receive a notification on ozfortress notifying you of the time. If you have any further questions, contact an administrator or a judge.

When will the trials be held?

As we are planning to have a trial for every incident that is reported, our goal is to have several trials per week. These trials will be held at 8PM AEST/AEDT, however a reschedule is possible if is it necessary for all parties.