rip ultiduo 15

DEAD riot : rocky scout
krollic : are you serious you molten pubed ♥♥♥♥♥♥

krollic: who wants to join my aboriginal highlander team

krollic: yeah because people who have pussy phobias aren't recognized as actual people
krollic: and rightfully so

krollic: ye it's 6 millon sounds v unlikely

krollic: my balls smell like salt and vinger chippies atm

krollic: i have intimidating physical presence

krollic: na miggas

krollic: u poop in street?
krollic: based

krollic: i fucking hate triggers

Free Rocky

[S|Esquire V] krollic : jewish globalist scouts man, trying to soldier secondarys so they can keep dominating and ruling pugs

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just a nationalist who happens to be white

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