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Congratulations Open winners Rocket Division!


Process - 5 - 2
Sunshine - 7 - 2

Congratulations to Rocket Division on winning the OZF 21 Open Grand Final against That's Getting Shadowplayed.

The first map of the series was Process, higher seed Rocket Division's pick. The match started off with Rocket Division taking the first round after That's Getting Shadowplayed dropped Über at last to a roamer bomb, causing an immediate push into last and the point conversion. That's Getting Shadowplayed managed to pick up a round after Rocket Division scored another. The remainder of the rounds were scored by Rocket Division with That's Getting Shadowplayed managing one round to Rocket Division's four.

After losing the first map, That's Getting Shadowplayed were ready to fight back with their map pick, Sunshine. That's Getting Shadowplayed showed dominance in the first mid forcing Rocket Division back to their last. The round was quickly converted by a successful Über exchange pushing into last and completing the round in under 1 minute 30. Unfortunately that was the strongest That's Getting Shadowplayed could manage, with Rocket Division taking the next 5 rounds as Rocket Division's Pocket Soldier and Scouts were playing exceptionally. That's Getting Shadowplayed managed to sneak another round in before Rocket Division closed out the map by taking it to mercy rule, taking both maps and wining the series.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for Ultiduo!


1st - Rocket Division
2nd - That's Getting Shadowplayed
3rd - Plan Z


Champions: Rocket Division
Best Demoman: Alt
Best Medic: Thermite
Best Pocket: Delphinoid
Best Roamer: ZyLife
Best Scout: ultra
Best Utility: apa

Most Improved Player: ultra
Most Valuable Player: Mikcow

Friendliest Team(s): The Literature Club, Plan Z, and That's Getting Shadowplayed
Most Improved Team: Plan Z
Best Dressed Team: Rocket Division
Best Caster: yauch

Zenith Retired League Director

We at shadowplayed are happy to share friendliest team with lit club and plan z! Well deserved!


congrats literature club u guys won something

congrats everyone else too : )

well done video gamers

congrats yauch!!!