Sperkle Highlander Head Admin & Media Coordinator

Preliminary Seedings

The initial Seedings for Autumn '24 Highlander are here! This season we're opting to return to the classic 2 divisions popular in days of old to create competition that players and teams will hopefully find more dynamic and engaging.

  1. Musos Deluxe
  2. NOT rascals
  3. Tactical Paws
  4. crylander
  5. Significant Otter
  6. dap me up


  1. Sharon Keast
  2. Where no ability meets no effort
  4. into the hood
  5. petrodragonic apocalypse
  6. Maddie's House Highlander
  7. rat gaming


For this season, we will be introducing a Restricted Players Limit of 5 to all rosters in the Main division. This means teams can no longer have more than 5 restricted players on their roster at any one time. If a team would like a player transferred into their roster who may get restricted in the Main division, but the roster already has 5 restricted players, they will need to remove a restricted player to make space for the new player.

Throughout the season there will be 5 Transfer Windows, allowing for teams to transfer in a maximum of 6 players into their roster this season (capped at 3 inbound transfers per window).

Player Restrictions

The following players have been restricted off/to classes in the Main Division;

maz Restricted TO Medic
jennierubyjane Restricted off Soldier
Exquizit Restricted off Scout & Heavy
Striker Restricted TO Pyro & Medic
kaldoz Restricted off Scout, Heavy, Engineer & Sniper
angus Restricted off Scout & Sniper
Pipelin12 Restricted off Scout, Soldier & Sniper
big maurice Restricted off Soldier
gingacharma Restricted off Spy
scandalous Restricted TO Medic
Doctrine Restricted TO Medic
kbn Restricted off Scout
eunsoo Restricted off Spy
monti Restricted off Scout
noemie Restricted off Sniper
Rayno Restricted off Scout, Demoman, Heavy & Sniper
mira Restricted off Sniper

Proot Map Update

A small update has been made to the King of the Hill map Proot. You can find the new version (koth_proot_b6c-alt2) on the Map Pool page. This version will be played this season so please ensure you have it installed and ready for play.

If you have any questions or need any support please reach out via our Discord's support channel #admin-support.