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Well, at least for Premier, Main and Open it is. That's right, as these divisions have only five rounds in the regular season, their playoffs start earlier than High and Intermediate. Playoff matches have been generated, please feel free to reach out to your division administrator with any or all issues, or make use of our Discord support channels.

Your top four teams from each division are below. Keep an eye on our #casts channel in the ozfortress Discord for cast coverage of the playoffs!


  1. xcx
  2. Taoyuan Leopards
  3. Ascension
  4. en passant


  1. Spare No Opps
  2. emgee and the egirls
  3. Ownage + 5


  1. G7
  2. Left 4 bread
  3. fking hl mains
  4. Morb Fortress 2 - Morbheads

Voting Nominations

Voting Nominations will release at the same time for all divisions, in two weeks' time. These will work the same as previous seasons, however the Award Voting may be run differently this time. We are currently looking at implementing it via a Google Form, which aims to make it easier for teams to submit their votes, and more efficient for us to process without error.