Season 20: Open

#3: Starburst-6s vs Bravura eSports

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Our best day is Tuesday or Wednesday. We propose Tuesday @8pm AEST. Added Core

We would like to do Monday, 8PM or 9PM as we already have 1 sub away, 1 who is unreliable, 1 new player pool (not active roster) sub and 1 core player going away for 3 weeks, and he will not be able to play Tuesday onwards.

Thursday @730-830 start time is good for us please offer times thx

We can do 8:30PM Thursday, we may need a merc but we are not sure yet. We will provide server.

Confirmed thursday @830

vivi: Just wondering would you allow razor to play med for my team in the official
.x.: No, Razor is denied to merc anything.

I would ask that you find a reasonable merc player, and stop asking for the same one over and over thank you.

I asked twice total, relax buddy.


huffy accepted to merc for them

mirimu accepted to merc for us

mirimu away, seraph accepted merc instead

mirimu woke up nvm about seraph lmao

We won both maps:
Sunshine: 5-0
Snakewater: 4-1

Mirimu merced for Bravura.
Huffy merced for Starburst.

got the demos?

or who booked the server

I did, /demos (playername) is a command by the way.

yea I wasnt sure what your discord name was