Season 20: Premier

#3: Salt Free Gaming. vs Baguette On Our Level

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Match Comms

Hey guys, keen to sort this asap as we are fairly busy at the mo. Let me know what days suit and we will try and make it work :)


durc: hey how is sunday for you guys?
durc: its a little short notice now but we can do sunday, tues or wednesday I think
durc: prefer sunday
wiggin: Hey dude, just at work at the mo, will have a chat to the team and see, but tues might be good

Crud and I are chatting.
Wed is our worst day at this stage.
Tues and Thurs at this stage we are down ~1 players.

Let me know what is best for you guys.

Locked in for 8pm tuesday.

wiggin: ah we struggle with 9s at the moment, want to meet in the middle at 8:30?

Confirmed for 8:30

4-2 to Salt Free
6-2 to Baguette

GG, was a real fun game. GL with the rest of the season :)