Season 20: Open

#1: back 2 the bones vs SixBo

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

hey, we should be able to do tues/thurs 8 or 8:30
what suits?

Administrator, Retired League Director

Please start organising matches as soon as possible! Match days are from Sunday to Thursday. Contact your bracket administrator if any issues arise.

organised for monday 8:30

6:26 PM - Buяning: we can make monday at 8 if thats all good?
8:58 PM - cry baby: could we do 8:30 instead of 8?
8:58 PM - DoIt4McGregor: should be alright

sixbo will be mercing singa on med

1:34 PM - Buяning: Hey man are we able to merc as medic?
1:35 PM - Buяning: We couldn't get him on the roster in time and I apologise
2:34 PM - cry baby: that's fine :)

back 2 the bones wins both maps 5-0