Season 19: Intermediate

Upper Page Playoffs: ma tema jeff vs S A D B O Y S

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday
Match Comms

sunday 8 or 9 up to you

Sunday 8.

Confirmed sunday 8

Retired League Administrator

Pingu (, is hereby restricted for a period of 1 ozfortress match and as such will not be available to play this match. Tema Jeff will be allowed to use a mercenary in his place pending approval from the SADBOYS' captains. This mercenary must be arranged and agreed upon before the scheduled match time.

Sadboys approve kpc to merc on scout

Retired League Administrator

How's the rescheduling coming friendos

Probably Wednesday 8 need to confirm with team

Down will be used as a merc instead of kpc

To be played tonight, sunday

Kpc playing instead of down now