ozfortress Sixes Season 19

Open - Round #6

Brainless Kids
Home Team
Away Team
Aurah captain
♥ Emily ♥ captain
Bio Hazzard captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

What day suits you guys?

Sunday would be great for us, if you guys are free then
if not we can discuss other days.

obla Retired League Director/Head Administrator

Reminder to all teams that this week is the FINAL WEEK for transfers! All transfers must be submitted by the end of this round (Thursday 29th June at 11:59PM). Any transfers after this deadline will be declined. If you have any problems please message me on Discord!

I will message my team and check availability, but because of school later in the week will more likely suit

wednesday @8 would suit us best

Wednesday 8pm Set.

other team had to forfeit, players didnt show up