Season 19: Open

#5: Sand People vs Real Dream

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Wednesday is preferred. Suggest a time pls. Added Captain on Steam

Wednesday 8:30 would suit us

Confirmed 8:30pm Wednesday

Merc Afroninja granted

Wed Jun 21 2017
[18:27:32] Sassy: just let me know man, if it helps he hasnt played for ages and is my brother so ye
[18:28:38] Mikcow: Can u send steam profile and warzone.ozfortress page and I'll look at it when I get on my of
[18:28:42] Mikcow: PC
[18:29:04] Sassy:
[18:29:14] Sassy:
[18:29:32] Sassy: like waiting for my leader to come on to say its g but thought id ask so its an easier process later man
Sassy: hey u know yet im still waiting on fragie
Mikcow: well it's fine with us
Sassy: alright sounds good can u post in comms farg said yes

Yeah I asked mikcow if my brother Afroninja can merc and he said yes, just confirm him. his steam and I sent the profile for ozf to him as well