Season 18: Intermediate

#3: Cadenza vs Siula Grande

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

hi is sun 9pm ok?

Sunday isn't an option for us, what times are you available during the week?

Thursday would be the best for us

we cant make thurs, is wed 9pm ok?

or how about tues?

Wed would be the best for us, if we can't make 9pm which seems somewhat probable right now, would 8 or anything after be good?

we can only make 8 with 2 mercs tho

wed at 8 with us using 2 mercs?

Administrator, Retired League Director

Mercs or subs?

8 wed would be good for us

@obla mercs

turns out we only need 1 merc:
i'll get the server string and post it here 10 mins before game.

We'll be using as a merc

connect; password symptomatics

GG guys, was really close and intense. Best of luck for your future games.