ozfortress Sixes Season 18

Premier - Round #2

nature walk
Home Team
World's Blankiest Blank
Away Team
quid captain
bird 🐤 Highlander Head Administrator
obla Retired League Director/Head Administrator
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday
Match Comms

Sunday and Tuesday are our best days this week. If neither of them are doable we can play on Thursday or Monday but are much less ideal.

dickjusticemayanprophecy2012: tuwsedauy
dickjusticemayanprophecy2012: ..
dickjusticemayanprophecy2012: \priob s ythge breest
dickjusticemayanprophecy2012: tuesdfast'
World's Blankiest Blank: I'm unfamiliar with Tuewedsday
dickjusticemayanprophecy2012: tues

obla Retired League Director/Head Administrator nature walk

What time on Tuesday?

9pm, unless they object on this forum

9:10pm or u forfeit

obla Retired League Director/Head Administrator nature walk

Sorry for the dual VAC error delays. Thanks for your patience. :~)

cp_reckoner_rc1: 5-0 to Home

cp_process_final : 5-0 to Home

Good game. Unfortunately the enemy team took longer than 15mins to join, so we won be forfeit but played anyway with the above logs. I entered those scores but expect to be given the win. I'm not sure how to have this not taken as a joke.