ozfortress Sixes Season 16

Open - Round #1

Unfair Dismasil
Home Team
KhairuL's Legacy Reborn
Away Team
Gears Captain
meow Captain
woof Captain
catwang Captain
Match Communications (Match Comms)
obla Retired League Director

Please organise this.

Catwang and I agreed Wed 8PM


Game did not start until 8:30, waiting for away team to gather players. Player Athyriel was present at match warm-up but left so away team fielded 2 mercs as a result.

First game: http://logs.tf/1470581
Away team used two mercs: Hipster [STEAM_0:1:51533644] and JNY [STEAM_0:0:58323360]

Second game: http://logs.tf/1470596
Away team used two mercs: Hipster [STEAM_0:1:51533644] and JNY [STEAM_0:0:58323360]
Home team used two mercs: Eternal [STEAM_0:0:81144266] and Helios [STEAM_0:0:53921758]

obla Retired League Director

Did you guys talk to an administrator about using two mercs?


even tho we kinda broke the rules both teams had 2 mercs and we still get to have the match so it's basically fair for both teams.

obla Retired League Director

This will be your first and only warning. Rules only specify a maximum of one mercenary. Talk to an admin if you are having roster issues.

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