ozfortress season 17

Open - Round #9

Home Team
Away Team
quest captain
decap captain
humph captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

so who is the higher seeded team?

The higher seeded or home team will either choose to ban first or defer.

Requesting to get this casted by tflve. @obla (or whoever organises casting)

Fozzlm Administrator

TFLIVE will be looking to cover this match barring clashes with either the Prem or IM grand finals

What about CappinTV, I was contacted by Mitch informing they will cast the match?

obla Administrator, Retired League Director

TFLIVE will be casting these Grand Finals.

Thursday 8 was agreed on. FTO requested we move it to Tuesday 8, which I would be happy to comply with if no one on my team has issues with it, but for now it's Thursday 8.

Is it Thursday or tonight?

We can do either.

TheWiggin Administrator

If you cannot contact or receive a reply from FO THE ORPHANS tonight prior to 8 this match will be played on Thursday at 8pm. Please contact me, redhawk or other available admins on discord if there is any issues.
Cheers, wiggin

oh ye sorry about that, still good for thurs 8

obla Administrator, Retired League Director

Reckoner - http://logs.tf/1579112 http://logs.tf/1579125 2 - 3 to FO THE OPHANS
Badlands - http://logs.tf/1579128 3 - 1 to Yeah
Process - http://logs.tf/1579136 3 - 2 to Yeah

Congratulations to Yeah on becoming the OZF 17 Open Champions!