Season 17: Intermediate

#9: Salt Free Gaming. vs francis' classroom

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Match Comms

Barring any clashes with the Prem final, TFLIVE will be covering this match

We are going to be playing with subs and are hoping to sort this asap. Waiting on lexx to get back to me about when they are free.

Waiting to hear from lexx about availability.

Most likely going to be Thursday since Wiggin can't do Wednesday, 9pm?

Thanks guys, 9 should be good, might have a couple of players a few mins late getting home from work.

Thursday 9 is set, just wondering what's happening with cast? I think open finals are same day

As far as I am aware, TFlive will be covering our game from start to finish.

GG guys, was a really fun intense (although a touch stagnant) game :)

saltfree wins reckoner 3 - 0

saltfree wins banlands 2 - 1

ggs guys well played, fun season