ozfortress Sixes Season 16

Open - Round #1

Irrational Tendencies
Home Team
Dead Presidents
Away Team
CC Captain
janga7 Captain
Match Communications (Match Comms)

sup boiz

Hey. Can you guys do teus/thurs?

Can we have the match at Friday or the weekends?

preferably not, but ill ask the rest of my team

obla Retired League Director

Please organise this.

Unfortunately, weekends is not an option.

Key Dates: http://ozfortress.com/showthread.php?t=66550

Contact me on Discord if you have issues organising a match.

Tomorrow at 7 sydney time?

Today is most convenient. Thursday is next best for us

8PM Thurs Syd time

obla Retired League Director

Good stuff. Remember to post logs here as well as submitting scores above when the match is over! Good luck to both teams.

obla Retired League Director

Approving Irrational Tendencies's use of two mercenaries for this match only.

yea very sorry. added them on steam. forgot to post here. thurs at 8

Dead Presidents has agreed to us running mercs mad. And flare

can we do friday? cheers.

GG. Janga top fragged? Lol wot

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