ozfortress season 17

Open - Round #6

Brian Damaged
Home Team
Away Team
Gears captain
meow captain
woof captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Hi can whoever is the organizer of your teams matches please add me :)

obla Administrator, Retired League Director

Please start organising this even though the round runs over two weeks.

Confirmed for next Thursday 9PM (10th Nov) - will notify if availability changes.

Gloreh approved to merc if my demo doesn't come back before match start

i approve the approving of the merc

Granary : 2-0 Brian Damaged way

Gullywash : 5-3 Brian Damaged way

A brilliant match overall both teams played extremely well but with Brian Damaged doing good things on Granary they were might confident going into Gullywash. Determined but getting rolled Brian Damaged go 3-0 down to Garbage and say "hey lets get our shit together team and win this game" Brian Damaged after Mackey's amazing speech of yelling Brian Damaged got another 5 rounds in a row winning Gullywash and with z4ndy's last second 5th cap