Season 17: Open

#6: Yeah vs Different Mentality

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Tuesday 8 please!

confirmed tues 8

Administrator, Retired League Director

Confirm this is for the first or second week?

It was supposed to be this week, but dM requested that we move it to Tuesday 8 next week since one of their scouts is unable to make it. I'm currently asking team members to see if we can comply.

dcp: i can agree on Tuesday 8 next week on the one condition that if our pocket doesnt make it, you approve any open player to merc
dcp: sound fair?
D-Fault: yes
D-Fault: ty very much
dcp: Neat, ill post it in warzone
D-Fault: cheers

Tuesday 8 next week confirmed, hopefully we won't need a merc, but if we do I'll post it here.

^ dM approved

3-2 for Yeah on Granary
4-3 for Yeah on Gullywash

gg, sorry for the throw. No disrespect was intended.