ozfortress Sixes Season 29

Open - Round #2

victory royale p̶̖͕̯̀͒ê̵̼̔̀͋e̷̪̙̮͈̯̙͉̞̻͎̪̘̔͆̐̄͐͊̋̔̒͗͘͝ͅ
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Flying Spies
Away Team
verb Captain
mtndrew Captain
kremerino Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

wednesday or thursday 7pm?

wed 7pm would be epic

can we push back to 7:30 due to a certain unnamed gamer's commute

7:30 is fine but 7 would be good so if you can make it 7 just let me know but 7:30 it is

epic ty

we'll need to merc pod and akim (me) tonight

we're moving them onto our active roster but since ozf checks every 2 weeks we count as mercs.

profiles here:

The two players are going to join us in the coming tw, is it okay if we merc them for today? Grog's PC isn't working for today's match

yeah nw guys

[5:20 PM]
i saw

[5:20 PM]
for tw 1

[5:20 PM]
no worries

[5:20 PM]
its okay?

[5:20 PM]
yeah all good



was actually 6:1 both maps sorry i stupid

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