ozfortress Sixes Season 29

Main - Round #1

Home Team
Burnt Toast Gaming Junior
Away Team
Mahery Captain
D-Fault Captain
Ambrosio Captain
janga7 Captain
hif Captain
juice Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

[7:56 PM] Mahery: Heyo, looks like we're your first game for this season
[8:02 PM] Mahery: Ozf suggests Tuesday night, would Tuesday at 8pm work for you guys?
[8:28 PM] janga7: Hey, we would massively prefer 9 if thats possible, but yea teus is good :slight_smile:
[8:36 PM] Mahery: I'll consult my team, but if 9 doesn't work, we might be able to meet in the middle at start 8:30
[8:36 PM] janga7: sure sounds perfect :slight_smile:
[8:42 PM] Mahery: Some of my teammates are sceptical on 9, but can definitely do 8:30
[8:42 PM] janga7: sounds good
[8:43 PM] janga7: 8:30 is perfect man

Confirmed Teus at 8:30pm

Confirmed on Tuesday at 8:30pm

Game has been rescheduled for Thursday starting at 8:15pm as requested by Janga.

Thanks guys, fucking legends :D

Gran: 6-1 to :cancer ---- http://logs.tf/2689535#76561198125511936
Sunshine: 5-0 to :cancer ---- http://logs.tf/2689525#76561198125511936

ggwp guys, wishing you well for the rest of the season :D thanks so much for reschedule

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