Season 17: Open

#3: Brian Damaged vs Blackbird 6's

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

tuesday at 8pm?

Note: Meow (Captain) is away on leave. Helios is acting captain and Mackey is backup captain.

Confirmed for Tuesday at 9 PM.

Confirmed Tues 9PM.

cp_reckoner_b3a: 3-2 Blackbird 6's
cp_snakewater_u13: 2-0 Blackbird 6's
Booked under name: helios

pfft rain cant even do it, i got this

Reckoner Log
3-2 Blackbird 6's

Snakewater Log + Evalution
2-0 Blackbird 6's

After a disappointing loss on Reckoner, Brian Damaged come strong into Snakewater hoping to even the series 1-1 but they did not expect that they wouldn't be the ones that were Brian Damaged, oh no, but it was the opposite team. "Parking the bus", running 2+ offclasses at a time and even running a permanent Natascha heavy. Over all a very confusing game none the less.

You appear to have submitted the scores incorrectly.

Off classes are off classes because they're less viable than the normal lineup, they're really not hard to deal with. GG