ozfortress season 28

High - Round #1

Home Team
Saharan Spies™
Away Team
weed liz captain
fez captain League Administrator
sunbear captain
emgee captain
bitvolt captain
kl captain
Sean captain
idi na hui captain
jane doe captain
aino captain
omni captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

hello, waiting to hear back from work before organizing a day. however later in the week suits better I believe. Is there a preferred time you guys want to play at, I know saturn has bedtime @ 10.15 on the dot so 9 would be difficult. Would 8 therefore be best?

@sean what time r we apexing?

@sean apex with me not iven lmfao

@iven @max 4:20 pm

fez captain League Administrator Saharan Spies™

trying to get thursday 8 atm

waiting on berko but its looking good, should confirm tonight

confirmed thursday 8

can we merc john the asian

fez captain League Administrator Saharan Spies™

Merc accepted