ozfortress Sixes Season 17

Open - Round #2

Brian Damaged
Home Team
Different Mentality
Away Team
Gears Captain
Luggnuts Captain
meow Captain
madhoc Captain
woof Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Communications (Match Comms)
TheWiggin Retired League Admin

Hi all, Just a reminder that as of this season both team captains need to submit and confirm the scores of each match for it to be considered completed.
Also logs and booking name must be linked after the match. If a non-ozfortress server was used, a download link to the demos must be provided.

cp_granary_pro: 4-1 Jasmine Tea logs.tf/xxxxxx
cp_badlands: 4-2 no safeword logs.tf/xxxxxx
Booked under name: Paulsen

Cheers :)

match preferably on thurs 8, but available on wednesday too

match confirmed on thurs 8.

connect; password macrorhamphosus; rcon_password postchristian

obla Retired League Director

Try to distribute connect string in Steam rather than match communications.

Had server issues, Process logs will be split into 3 parts.

#2 Brian Damaged vs Different Mentality

Process Logs & Evalution

PROCESS Evaluation: After difficulites with the server functions (therefore forcing logs to be seperate/round), Different Mentality wins 3-0 before the 30 minute server timer ended. Win to Different Mentality

Reckoner Logs & Evaluation

4-1 Brian Damaged

Reckoner Evaluation: Brian Damaged wins 4-1 before the 30 minute server timer ended. Win to Brian Damaged.

Match Ends With A Tie

- Placing logs for captain, because it looks so much fancier
- Server Booking Name (For STV) Is: Obla

Post Guidelines

Please ensure your posts in Match Communications does not contain the following:

  • Anything unrelated to the match. This is an infractable offence.
  • Anything that violates our Community Guidelines.
Expected Match Details

Your Match Communications should (by the end of that round) contain:

  • The agreed upon, scheduled match day and time.
  • Indication as to which team won what map.
  • logs.tf links for each map, which you can find easily via your ozfortress.com profile.
  • Any mercenaries used within the match (it is expected that each team declares their approved mercenaries here).