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Premier - Round #5

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Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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Tuesday or Thursday?

tuesday 9

Still discussing match time

get a merc, we can't start later than 9

Please read above, no date or time has been confirmed. I am waiting on correspondence over steam.

you got your reply when yewl posted we can't start later than 9.
people have to wake up early in the morning and CANNOT play a match starting at 9:30 or 10pm

If you even bothered to look at the chat logs I screenshot you would see that we are discussing other days as Tuesday is not viable.

While i'm here ill re-iterate what I told down before he stopped replying to me and went offline. For 9pm starts i've only heard back about Monday currently, I suggest we play then as your unwilling to start 30mins past 9 on Tuesday, please reply soon.

Alternatively we can play at anytime on any day past Wednesday except Friday and i'm not 100% sure on Sat/Sun yet.

You proposed Tuesday or Thursday - making no mention that you couldn't actually play at the regular times - on the 24th. We deliberated and decided that Tuesday is the day we can play and we all made plans accordingly. When I went to confirm this with you in the thread, two days later, you suddenly decided that playing on Tuesday was now impossible. Why did you not edit your post or make a new post in the match thread if Tuesday had suddenly become nonviable? You gave our team misleading information on when you could play and as a result created the mess that we are currently in. My steam friends is open if you would deign to re-add me and organise this with me in person, instead of messaging random people on my team who don't have anything to do with match organisation.

Never do this again.

down Sixes League Admin Coffee Clock

you can't ask me at midnight and expect a reply before tomorrow. please use the thread, and discuss with my superiors from now on.

Lets correct this misleading post from yewl.

I proposed two suitable match days we could play on in this thread and made sure your team was aware of the particular time we wanted to play on the Tuesday via messaging down on steam on the 25th (https://gyazo.com/3f52b78fbb452589540db610e4e8fd98).

He passed that information on to you/your discord as evidenced by this screenshot you were aware of the conflict in the times wanting to be played for the Tuesday a day in advanced before posting you wanted the match at Tuesday at 9pm. Its pretty strange to me you can't play 30 mins past 9 on Tuesday when I see everyone in your team up well past midnight consistently, however that's not the main point of discussion right now.

There was no 'deciding' from my end that our match couldn't be played on Tuesday when you were fully aware of what times both teams wanted to play. Saying your core player down is a random player who I should not message to organize this match is absurd, whats even more absurd is you try and make out you weren't informed what time we wanted to play on Tuesday and claim I am misleading you when the screenshot proves otherwise. Monday 9pm seems like the most suitable day for both of us currently. Now may we put in as much effort to sorting out an actual match time instead of this bullshit you've constructed?

Thermite Retired League Admin

Both teams have indicated that they can play 9pm on Monday. Please confirm here


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