Season 17: Open

#1: Yeah vs KRILL BILL

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

monday 9?

organised monday 8:30

9:36 PM - Decap: we'll do 8:30
9:36 PM - FLEX ON UR EX: great


KRILL BILL has requested the use of Icey or .. -.-. . -.-- as a merc med

3:01 PM - bigboyplays: This was iceys profile btw
3:02 PM - Decap: ok no problem, approved
3:02 PM - bigboyplays: ill post the merc usage in the match comms


Hey guys, good work on starting your match organisation.
Dont forget to get your captains to sign up to discord, once they are in I can invite them to the captains channel.
Cheers, wiggin

Asked to merc on medic, approved by other team


gg, good luck for the rest of the season