ozfortress Sixes Season 16

Open - Round #8

Project Mayhem
Home Team
BB and the Jets
Away Team
✈ BB Captain
✈ MO$E$ Captain
DeeDee Captain
Match Communications (Match Comms)

as discussed on steam, looking like wednesday. i'll chat to my guys about maps etc and get back to you :)

Wednesday looks like it will work for us, no BB but the jets will be out for blood! Catch you on the night

obla Retired League Director

Map selection will be done in the game server chat prior to the game starting.

  1. The higher seeded or home team will either choose to ban first or defer.
  2. The first team (determined by the result of step one) will ban a map.
  3. The second team will ban a map.
  4. The first team will select a map from the remaining pool.
  5. The second team will select a map from the remaining pool.
  6. The first team will select the tiebreaker map from the remaining maps.

we chose product, they chose reckoner, didnt play 3rd map.


Thanks for games guys! GL next season!

Post Guidelines

Please ensure your posts in Match Communications does not contain the following:

  • Anything unrelated to the match. This is an infractable offence.
  • Anything that violates our Community Guidelines.
Expected Match Details

Your Match Communications should (by the end of that round) contain:

  • The agreed upon, scheduled match day and time.
  • Indication as to which team won what map.
  • logs.tf links for each map, which you can find easily via your ozfortress.com profile.
  • Any mercenaries used within the match (it is expected that each team declares their approved mercenaries here).