ozfortress Sixes Season 16

Open - Round #7

BB and the Jets
Home Team
KhairuL's Legacy Reborn
Away Team
✈ BB Captain
✈ MO$E$ Captain
catwang Captain
DeeDee Captain
Match Communications (Match Comms)

wednesday 8pm work?

Hey can we please organise a time for this? Wednesday at 8-9pm works best for us, I'll add your captain on steam if that's an easier way to communicate?

obla Retired League Director

Please organise this.

Never tell your password to anyone.
✈ MO$E$: yo
lepolepo: yo
✈ MO$E$: do you play in kauhuls legacy or whatever?
lepolepo: yea
✈ MO$E$: you're meant to have a match with us right now hah
✈ MO$E$: i messaged your captain about it and confirmed
✈ MO$E$:; password ozfortgame
lepolepo: ehh
lepolepo: my leader said it was canceled
✈ MO$E$: lol what??
✈ MO$E$: were all here
✈ MO$E$: and ready
lepolepo: he went to the hospital earlier
lepolepo: im not kidding
✈ MO$E$: did he message anyone?
✈ MO$E$: and thats awful, real sorry to hear
lepolepo: yea he sms me
lepolepo: he told me he have to go for a while
✈ MO$E$: can you get a sub for tonight?
lepolepo: sorry we cant
lepolepo: we forfeit
lepolepo: you won the badge
✈ MO$E$: okay take care man, hope your friend gets better!
lepolepo: thank you bro

(leopolo is qubit and we have screenshots of everything)

obla Retired League Director

Second forfeit, KhairuL's Legacy Reborn has been removed from the League.

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  • Anything that violates our Community Guidelines.
Expected Match Details

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  • The agreed upon, scheduled match day and time.
  • Indication as to which team won what map.
  • logs.tf links for each map, which you can find easily via your ozfortress.com profile.
  • Any mercenaries used within the match (it is expected that each team declares their approved mercenaries here).