Season 23: Intermediate

#2: back 2 the bones vs Good Evening Gamers

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

hey, we'd be keen to play this on thursday or tuesday 9 if possible

Hi thanks. I'm sure one of those will work... I'll talk to the team and get back to you :)

Hi guys. Do you think that you could do wednesday night instead? cheers :) Can do 8 or 9 :)

Please organise this match ASAP.

wont have confirmation of wednesday until tomorrow, can you add me on steam?

wednesday 9 should work

can we do at 8? just realized that daylight savings means we would be playing at midnight nz time lol!!

soz our captain is away doing IDK what

can probs do 9 if u can't do 8 but we would be STOKED if u could accommodate 8)

yeah that should be fine, may need a merc tho

Good Evening Gamers please remember to confirm scores.