ozfortress season 16

Open - Round #5

Familiar Knights
Home Team
Irrational Tendencies
Away Team
CC captain
BLITZEN. captain
janga7 captain
Match Comms

Wednesday 8PM AEST would work perfectly for us, does that suit?

Sorry. I believe that we have members who can't do Wednesday due to extra commitments. Our usual is Tuesday or Thursday. Would that suit you?

Organizing roster - it's a bit messy this week, might take a little bit I'm afraid. Tues looks good but I'll keep you guys posted and confirm.

Confirmed for 7.30AEST Tueday.


I will not be organizing any longer for this week of OZF: your contact for this week is now biowill http://steamcommunity.com/id/teamw/

CC trade.tf: Requesting merc stral http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998393582/
CC trade.tf: To play scout
UGC biowill: approved

iT. will be using the merc stral tonight

Familiar Knights wins Granary 4-2: http://logs.tf/1495794

Irrational Tendencies wins Viaduct 3-2: http://logs.tf/1495817
and http://logs.tf/1495839 (config broke)