Season 21: Open

#5: Oxygen Thieves vs Lèsè

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Never tell your password to anyone.
Sleeve: Yeah seems like they all can make Saturday 8pm Sydney time, I will message you if that changes.
Ghost: uhhh
Ghost: cancel sat
Ghost: just realized that is shit for us l;ol
Ghost: soz
Ghost: reply asap
Sleeve: Okay
Sleeve: Why ask for Saturday then haha
Ghost: forgot
Ghost: lol
Ghost: hey]
Sleeve: hi
Ghost: can we play official at 8?
Ghost: on wednesday
Ghost: ?
Sleeve: 8:30 is as late as we could go
Sleeve: early
Sleeve: no earlier
Ghost: so 8:30 on wednesday for offical?
Sleeve: people have work mate
Sleeve: sure
Sleeve: Sydney time
Ghost: okay so 8:30 confirmed sydney time maps gullywash and bad lands\
Ghost: u will be getting sever
Ghost: cus home team

official confrimed 8:30 sydney time

Lese will be mercing Mikcow on scout (confirming on my side)

Mio - Today at 5:51 PM
can i merc kenneth on med
Ghost - Today at 5:52 PM
he can
ill do it
Mio - Today at 5:52 PM

lese allow oxygen thieves to merc kenneth

gg game has been called off due to sever issues with ozf and qix as a result both captains have agreed to a tech ff GG