ozfortress season 21

Intermediate - Round #5

back 2 the bones
Home Team
F O R B I D D E N ࿂ F R U I T
Away Team
jane doe captain
YAUCH Retired League Administrator
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Hello friends, our best days are Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. How does Wednesday at 9:00 PM sound?

hey, ill ask around for wednesday, if not, we should be able to do tuesday easily enough

confirmed wed 9

mercing greanyo
crybaby: yo, do you mind if we merc greanyo? hes on our roster, just havent transferred him in yet
ME SMASH: yeah you can use them go ahead

using yauch as merc

4:38 PM - ory: can we use yauch as a merc?
4:38 PM - crybaby: sure

we merced mixed second map

back 2 the bones wins gullywash 4-1 http://logs.tf/1970068
forbidden fruit wins badlands 3-0 http://logs.tf/1970086
unfortunate circumstances but fun game anyway, gg!!

confirmed gg