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The Probation system

Earlier this month, we released a post addressing the sharp rise in infractions and a little insight into what we're doing to combat it. Part of our overall plan to handle poor conduct more effectively was the reintroduction of the probation system. Any banned player whose ban has or was going to expire soon would effectively see doubled penalties for reoffending.

The infractions system was always intended to be a system where players could be given the chance to reform from their prior poor conduct, hence it initially acted as what many referred to as a "double warning system", with an initial no penalty warning, and a "don't do it again" infraction. We've since iterated on the ruleset considerably to tighten up the infractions system and allow less room for poor player conduct, something that many within the community wanted. While we also recognize that there are many who do not like the infraction system, we believe most understand its necessity when policing conduct.

It is with this in mind that we are again iterating, this time on our newly added probations system. As the infraction system's goal is still to provide players with a chance to reform their conduct within ozfortress, we will be looking to apply it to certain cases where there are multiple instances within a specified period of time, hence preventing a player from immediately being hit with multiple higher point infractions. This period is purely discretionary, along with its application to specific cases. This freedom will give our behaviour panel more options to prevent immediate bans without that player having an opportunity to change their behaviour.

What does this mean for you, the player/community member?

Nothing really. If your conduct within ozfortress is that of a normal person, you will be totally fine, if not able to feel more secure that if do ever slip up once, you are less likely to be immediately removed from ozfortress. Discretion for these cases will look more favourably on past good behaviour.

What does this mean for repeat offenders?

Again, nothing of consequence. This change won't apply to them if they are coming off of a recent ban, they will already be on probation or have served probation but still have past poor conduct. We will however review these instances thoroughly and if there are obvious attempts to reform, they will be considered.

Can I get a TL;DR?

Sure can! This essentially boils down to this example. If you were reported for multiple instances over a few-month period, this wouldn't apply. But say you offended only a few times over a few weeks, this probation would apply. Everything else from the probations system applies, meaning:

  • Tier 1 infractions are doubled, and will incur 20 points.
  • Tier 2 infractions are multiplied by 1.5x, and will incur 30 points.
  • Tier 3 infractions are doubled, and will instantly incur 60 points.

We hope this addresses some concerns community members have regarding those who aren't repeat offenders, and have a decent chance of reforming their conduct within ozfortress. As always, we will continue to take feedback on the system and improve it over time.

The ozfortress staff team.



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