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With a recent occurrence of exploit use, we felt we needed to not only clarify our stance on the usage of exploits within ozfortress competitions but also expand upon the existing exploits clauses in our rulesets to provide a rough idea to players of what is and isn’t allowed. The existing clauses did not actively reflect where we have stood since our previous post regarding exploits, nor the more modern Team Fortress 2 we all keep coming back for.

The focus of the update to the exploits category within our rulesets was to significantly expand on the list of more common exploits and provide players with further understanding of the types of exploitation that may be prohibited. Anyone unsure of where a potential exploit falls still needs to reach out to an administrator for a ruling prior to making use of it. With these updates to the exploit section, we have categorized exploitation under two names, Game Modification & Game Mechanic exploitation. We feel these two categories cover the bulk of exploitation and provide a clear understanding and separation of exploits.

We have chosen to adopt a 3 - 24 month punishment length and will be reviewing future cases on a case-by-case basis. Punishment length will be determined by multiple factors, including but not limited to severity, intent, maliciousness, and the exploit itself.

To reiterate our stance on exploits; it is the sole responsibility of the individual player to be totally and unequivocally aware of what game-modifying custom files they are using within the ozfortress community, and it is critical that anyone who is unsure whether or not something is considered an exploit, that they seek out administrators for a ruling to be made.

You can find the updated exploits section in our ruleset under 6.1 Exploits.

The ozfortress staff team.