catfish League Director & Head of Anti-Cheat

Recently there has been discussion within the ozfortress community on the prevalence of several prominent exploits and scripts. For those unaware, the main examples of the exploits that were discussed are:

  • Replacing footstep sounds (with another more distinct footstep sound)
  • Replacing the Spy decloak sound (commonly done using the audio from the Shred Alert taunt)

While these are the main two that were discussed, there are others that also fit into this category. We would like to make clear to all players that these exploits are not legal in ozfortress competitions and as such all players found using them will be punished. These exploits will be considered cheating and appropriate punishments will be dealt to users found abusing them.
Moving forward, however, we will not be retroactively punishing players for using these exploits prior to the posting of this announcement. Our reasoning for this is that many of these exploits are very easily accessible and are achievable through the use of VPKs and scripts. As there are many VPKs and scripts that are legal, and the installation process is extremely simple, we felt it was important to clarify that we do consider these exploits cheating before we begin punishing players who continue to use them. Another important note is that there are many common VPKs and scripts that we do not consider cheating. These include but are not limited to: The no explosion smoke script, replacing weapon sounds with other weapon sounds (commonplace with The Original and the stock Rocket Launcher) and performance configs (the popular mastercomfig makes use of VPKs).

If any players are unsure of the legality of a specific script or VPK, their first step should be to contact an administrator. Any players found using an exploit that the admin team considers to be cheating will be punished. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Thank you,
The ozfortress administration team

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how are you going to find out if someone has a replaced footstep sound vpk?


just ask them

frydog Retired League Admin

check me out on to decide whether i have a replaced footstep sound vpk

welp time to delete payhm.cfg