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artwork by soda (@Sodaboop on Twitter)

Seedings have been released

They're done! You can head over to the Ultiduo 16 page to see where your team has been seeded. Please bring any objections with your seeding to an administrator prior to midday Sunday the 24th of April, otherwise your team will remain where it is.


ozfortress Ultiduo returns better than ever!

We're happy to announce that the final version of ultiduo_ozf_r is now available for download. Massive props to skaz for bringing us this retheme of the original ozfortress koth_ultiduo_b7 that features a range of fixes! You can download the map on the Ultiduo 16 page or here. Also a massive thank you to soda (@sodaboop) for creating the beautiful SFM banners seen on the map!

Booking servers for Ultiduo 16

Server booking can be done via the ozfortress discord once again, praise be to the almighty Reginald. Simply join the #bookings channel in the ozfortress Discord and type /booking create, follow the prompts and details of your server booking will be DM'd to you. You can also book a server via Qixalite's Discord, using their #tf2-booking channel, and execute the same commands to change the map and config.

Using your bookable server:

Changing the map to ozfortress Ultiduo map:

rcon changelevel ultiduo_ozf_r

Executing the Ultiduo config on your bookable server:

rcon ozf-ud-ultiduo

These commands will work on both ozfortress and Qixalite servers.

Schedule & Format

The schedule for Ultiduo 16 can be found on the Ultiduo 16 tournament page, or here. We have allowed 15 minutes break between games for both the Group Stages and Playoffs. With signups for Ultiduo 16 nearly reaching fourty, we've elected to use Single Elimination in Playoffs. This will mean eight (8) teams will proceed into Playoffs from their respective division, and Playoffs for both divisions will be run simultaneously on Tuesday the 26th of April. The Group Stages will be making use of the Swiss System, and thus will feature five (5) rounds of ultiduo_ozf_r, played to a Best of 1 format. This will mean you submit your score as either 1-0 / 0-1. The same principles applies for Playoffs, with the only difference being the matches will be played to a Best of 3 format instead.

Administration for Ultiduo 16

Due to varying availability on varying days, there are no administrators designated to each division, so please feel free to contact an available administrator by making use of #admin-support in our Discord!

Coverage of Ultiduo 16

KritzKast is looking to cover parts of the Division 1 action, primarily Day 3 / Playoffs. Casting from non-approved casting groups is allowed for the event, but please ensure you do not interfere with the matches in any way, and seek approval from the captains of both teams.

End of season poll & Winners' threads

The typical end of season poll you would expect around this time is being delayed until after Ultiduo 16, as we want to collect feedback on this along with other seasonal competition changes, ruleset and infraction changes, and more!

The Winners' threads you have grown used to seeing at the end of each season will be combined into one news post, which will contain the awards for each division and a match MVP from each Grand Finals' matchup. We're doing this as we feel the writeups were something that weren't typically read, and this will allow us to focus extra time into other areas.

Helpful Links

[Map Download] [Schedule] [FAQ] [Whitelist / Unlocks]
[Administrators] [Server Configuration] [Rules]