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You’ll have already seen all of our posts on what we want to do in 2022, and how we needed to get people to be able to accomplish these projects. While there are still things we need to figure out for each team, as well as what we will be coming from those teams, we figured we should announce our teams and new staff in those teams!

Seasonal art has always been a strong point for ozfortress, much of which was done by jen. We’re aiming to keep that unique art coming but are making changes this season to try to make our seasonal art more usable for casts, on our social media, and for our news posts.

Another benefit of trying to adapt our seasonal art into a more usable form for other content is making it more usable for our Media Team’s first project. There aren’t many details at the moment, but we’re looking to make a recap video of either each season or each stage of the season (meaning the regular season and playoffs season), which could cover team movement, placement, highlights or other news we would like to feature.

There will definitely be some overlap between the teams for different projects, so we'll make sure to credit everyone where needed.

With the plans out of the way, we would like to officially welcome (and thank) our new and existing Media team and Art team members:

For those who also applied for these teams but did not get in, don’t feel discouraged! Some of the recent applications are yet to be reviewed, and anyone who applied around the time of our first call out, feel free to reapply or DM me on discord (@core#6440) to discuss your application.