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When we said we had some plans for 2022, we said so knowing those plans did not include an off-season cup from us before Season 33. Between Season 32 going close to the holidays and trying to fit in two potential larger off-season competitions later in 2022, we didn’t want to rush to get something up and take away from the time we had to prepare for next season, especially with it coming soon. With LAN Downunder 2022 in the middle of January, we figured we would open signups around the same time as LAN so the wait to the next season is short, which is still the plan! Sadly though, with the new COVID variant running wild country-wide, the LAN Downunder 2022 had to be cancelled.

With the cancellation of the LAN Downunder this month, CappingTV has announced their backup event, the Summer Brawl 2022, and unlike past iterations, it’ll be hosted here on This is very new for us, markedly so. We’ve never had a tournament or event hosted here without being managed by us. They reached out to us when the outlook for the COVID situation was becoming bleak and LAN was yet again likely to fall victim, wanting to work with us more.

Please be aware, there could be unforeseen issues and potential teething problems with the systems in place, most if not all were made with its use case being to run seasonal leagues. With the Summer Brawl 2022 now being run on the ozfortress website, players will not need to sign up for a new account, and can even use existing team rosters if they wish!

You’ll find more information on signing up, the schedule, maps and the format on their tournament’s page. Please note, for help and support during the event, please see the Capping TV discord’s own #support channel, any support requests in #admin-support in the ozfortress discord that are Summer Brawl related will be redirected.

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