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Recently, ozfortress made public the issues that we were having with our servers and hosting. These issues can be found in this post here. Now, one month later, we are able to share the future of ozfortress servers going forward.

ozfortress servers

Previously, was being hosted by Infinite in Canberra. As this deal has come to an end, we have changed our server host and location. From today onwards will be kindly hosted by Sol1 in Sydney. This will make accessing the physical server easier for ozfortress staff, and provide better ping for players connecting from Sydney. Thank you to exe for very generously helping us out at Sol1, and thank you to /dev/zero for driving to Canberra to collect the server and deliver it to Sydney.
While our previous setup with Infinite was free of charge, we will be covering the cost of the hosting expenses for Sol1. This includes things like power and bandwidth. In order to do this, we must ask for the community’s assistance.

Introducing the ozfortress Patreon


The ozfortress Patreon will aim to help ozfortress staff cover the cost of the hosting the ozfortress servers. By achieving our $50/month goal, we will be able to secure our server hosting for years to come. Any additional money raised will be funneled back into the community in various forms. This could be through upgrading existing ozfortress infrastructure, providing prize pools for ozfortress competitions or other community benefits. NONE of the money raised will go directly to ozfortress administrators. ozfortress aims to meet our $50 AUD/month goal. That is our primary focus. Any other additional funds raised will be considered a bonus, we are not expecting the community to meet all of our subsequent goals.

You can find out Patreon here:

The future of

Unfortunately, the forums on will still be going down at the end of the month. It will be replaced by an archived version of the site going under the domain In order to replace, we are going to enable forums on Warzone very soon. Message an administrator if you have any particular forums or topics you would like to see on Warzone. Thank you to everyone involved with helping us set this up, we’ll see you all for OZF 23!

-The ozfortress administration team

$20 medic tier please


If i get a stable income, will drop you boys some dosh, gonna miss the forums heaps, cheers for all the good memes <3

inb4 $100 spy tier