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For the majority of its existence, ozfortress has been self-sustaining and has never relied on or asked for community donations in order to keep the site and its competitions running. Over the past couple of days however, ozfortress has experienced some hosting issues related to our servers and infrastructure that may cause this to change.

The ozfortress game servers for both Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress Classic are currently located on physical server known as that is owned by ozfortress. This server was being kindly hosted by infinite free of change, however now it is looking like this deal will come to an end. ozfortress is still in possession of the physical server for, however now we may not have a location to host it.

The site is in a much more dire situation. It is looking extremely likely that will go down and that the vast majority of history and content on the site will be lost. This is sad news for the community as contains the history of ozfortress ever since its creation in 2001. A copy of the public areas of the site may still be preserved, however. While this is disheartening news, the forums on Warzone are able to replace the forums on, so our main priority is getting the game servers back at this stage.

In the coming weeks, and the game servers may go down, along with We are currently working on a fix. If any community member is in willing to help us find a new location to host in any way, please contact an ozfortress administrator. It is possible that in order for ozfortress to continue hosting competitons we may need financial assistance from the community. This would potentially allow ozfortress to continue running for years to come.

In terms of the immediate future of ozfortress, the Revival Cup 2018 will continue as planned. We will keep the community updated on any developments that occur.

Thank you,
The ozfortress administration team

This is very bad.

Can anything be done to take the ozfortress forums data and store it to revive later?

paging abender

Set up a patreon everyone donate like 1 dollar mega bank

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