catfish Head of Anti-Cheat & Retired League Director


We are extremely excited to announce the next step forward for ozfortress infractions and bans. In the past, we have used a team of chosen ozfortress members to decide the fates of reported community members, and the identities of these members has never been revealed. However, this system is now changing. We will now be using a community-driven, user-led arbitration system to decide upon the punishment for users who break the community rules.

This system will feature players being put on trial, in a process that we have dubbed the ‘ozfortress court’. The court will feature a jury of 12 randomly selected ozfortress players that will communicate together to form a verdict and hand out a judgement towards the player on trial. This judgement may take the form of a warning, infraction, ban or another agreed upon punishment. This process will take place in-game in TF2 and will be live streamed on the newly-created ozfortress court Twitch channel.

Our goal with this new system is to create a system in which the public decide the fates of those who break the rules. Please read our FAQ for more info, if you have any further questions please message an administrator.

Thank you,

The ozfortress admin team

pov: vlogenator is the judge

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Thank you Admins for this great update to our community

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ily skaz

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