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Congratulations Open winners [HK香港人]


Process - 5 - 3
Metalworks - 2 - 1

Match Thread

Congratulations to [HK香港人] on winning the OZF 29 Open Grand Final against from gosford.

Coming in with the bracket advantage, the first pick of the evening was HK's. They opted for Process, a map they managed to beat from gosford on in the Upper Page Playoff. from gosford showed that they were not to be underestimated, taking the first round of the map in a relatively convincing fashion. HK managed to compose themselves however, and the next round was a closely fought victory in their favour. With the scores tied up at 1 - 1, it appeared that the momentum was now with HK, and they took the next three round in an incredible display of dominance. With things looking rough for from gosford, they had to dig deep for a chance at the map win and dig deep they did! from gosford took back two fast rounds to narrow the scoreline down to 4 - 3. With only a few minutes left, from gosford needed another fast round to take us to a Golden Cap. HK, however, took matters into their own hands and decided they were going to end the map here. A dominant round for HK solidified the map win for them, taking it 5 - 3 and putting them 1 - 0 up in the series.

The second map of the series was Metalworks. Hoping for a repeat of the Upper Page Playoff in which they won the map, from gosford dropped the first round, putting them at an immediate disadvantage. They responded by thrashing HK on the next mid however, and took the second round with a convincing Uber advantage push. Both teams began to play very passively now that the scores were tied, with neither team wanting to make any mistakes. from gosford had several opportunities for last pushes, however failed to convert any of the rounds in part due to the impressive coordination of HK. After a drawn out round, HK managed to take the third round leaving the score at 2 - 1. Initially things were looking manageable for the side of from gosford. 12 minutes to convert one round is a generous allotment, however as the map went on HK managed to withstand everything that **from gosford could muster, things were looking dire. with less that two minutes left on the clock, from gosford managed to wipe the side of HK while retaining their Medic, ensuring they would have Uber for one final last push. from gosford managed to focus down the opposing Heavy during the Uber, however excellent Uber kiting on the side of HK saw no other frags go their way. The ensuing team fight was scrappy, however it was HK that ultimately prevailed and hold their own last in the face of an Uber-disadvantage push. They took the map 2 - 1 and the series 2 - 0 to become your ozfortress season 29 Open champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - [HK香港人]
2nd - from gosford
3rd - Team Weezer


Best Demoman: nast
Best Medic: gronk
Best Pocket: flrl
Best Roamer: crypto
Best Pocket Scout: Pub
Best Flank Scout: channy
Best Utility: Barry.

Most Improved Player: Pub and GalacticCore
Most Valuable Player: luigi

Friendliest Team: med tagged 1
Most Improved Team: from gosford
Best Dressed Team: Free Dub and M'lady
Best Caster: snazzy

well done to gronk and nast!!!

good job barry

Well played HK :)

thanks guys!!!!!