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Congratulations Premier winners Y U G I B O Y S


Snakewater - 4 - 0
Product - 3 - 0
Process - 5 - 4

Congratulations to Y U G I B O Y S on winning the OZF 21 Premier Grand Final against KILLA BEEZ.

Map 1 of the best of 5 was Snakewater, which began relatively close. The KILLA BEEZ were able to create messy team fights early in the map, enabling their scouts of Cooki and Vana to have a high impact in a very close first round. However, the experience of Y U G I B O Y S prevailed as the round went on, with Paulsen able to organise his team and see off the chaotic aggression of the BEEZ and secure the first round after 13 minutes. Once organised, Y U G I B O Y S looked impossible to contain. Enrith's performance was reminiscent of a bulldozer, putting out constant damage and allowing his scouts of Geoh and Elmo to capitalise. Y U G I B O Y S were able to take the first map by a score of 4-0.

The next map was Product, the KILLA BEEZ first pick. Lau and Arnold both showed their composure on a map typically detested by medics, with strong surfs and good decision making. Redcoatzygote and Enrith both excelled, pumping out massive damage and allowing all the scouts on the server to make their presence known cleaning up off their demo's damage. However, the difference between the 2 teams was the soldiers, with Paulsen and Rocky showing excellent coordination and positioning while still valuing their lives on a scout dominant map, while SoLe and Riot struggled to contest a rampant Geoh, who finished Product with 418 DPM and 34 frags, 17 of which were on soldiers. Y U G I B O Y S closed out Product with a final score of 3-0.

With their tournament lives on the line, KILLA BEEZ threw everything at Process, a map which they excelled at in the semi-final against SVIFT AU. However, Y U G I B O Y S looked as if they would carry their momentum from the previous maps, capping out 2 quick rounds in the first 5 minutes of Process. However, the soldiers of the BEEZ had something to prove after a poor showing on Product, and both Riot and SoLe managed to find another gear. Riot's creativity with map geometry allowed KILLA BEEZ to take their first round of the series, and SoLe pencil jumped his way into the hearts of everyone watching, with the BEEZ able to snatch 2 quick rounds of their own to go ahead 3-2. From there, both teams looked evenly matched. Elmo's massive plays on the flank for Y U G I B O Y S allowed them to take back the lead with less than 90 seconds to play, but after a fantastic mid from SoLe and a quick roll to last, KILLA BEEZ were able to equalise with 5 seconds left on the clock, meaning it was time for Golden Cap. That small break before the Golden Cap was what allowed the experience of Y U G I B O Y S to shine however, as they perfectly countered the BEEZ mid that had been causing them so much grief. After a dominant mid win, Y U G I B O Y S were able to roll their full Über advantage all the way to last and win the Golden Cap as well as the series by a map score of 3-0.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for Ultiduo!


1st - Y U G I B O Y S
3rd - SVIFT AU


Champions: Y U G I B O Y S
Best Demoman: enrith
Best Medic: Dave
Best Pocket: Paulsen
Best Roamer: pause
Best Scout: Elmo
Best Utility: Sam.

Most Improved Player: Doge
Most Valuable Player: enrith

Friendliest Team: xeno
Most Improved Team: xeno
Best Dressed Team: Right Wing Death Squad
Best Caster: yauch

✏ SOLE ✏

Dave - Last Wednesday at 1:22 PM
I better get best medic this season or im quitting

and exodia gets the best award

congrats yauch!!!

✏ SOLE ✏
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If people are interested I have compiled all the STVs for the premier matches this season.
Download them here (2.1G).

dave for worst medic