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Infractions are being reintroduced as of OZF 21. Older community members will be familiar with the principle but for those who aren’t, infractions are a method of quantifying an individual player’s misdemeanours across ozfortress. Acquiring too many infraction points will result in community and competitive bans of varying severity.

Infractions are divided into 3 tiers, with Tier 1 being the most minor and Tier 3 being the most severe. For Tier 1 and 2 infractions, players found repeatedly committing the same infractions will receive increased points correlating to the number of times the individual infraction has been committed, while the repetition of any Tier 3 infraction will result in an increased amount of points being given. The amount of points given for infractions are as follows:

Tier 1 (6 month expiry):

  • First offence = 10 points*
  • Second offence = 20 points
  • Third offence = 30 points *First offences of Tier 1 infractions will be given a warning by administrators before points are awarded

Tier 2 (1 year expiry):

  • First offence = 20 points
  • Second offence = 40 points
  • Third offence = 60 points

Tier 3 (2 year expiry):

  • First offence = 30 points
  • Second offence = 60 points
  • Third offence = 90 points

Your current infraction point totals can only be seen by you and by administrators on your warzone profile. Infraction points will expire over time based on tier, but ban lengths are fixed and will not expire when your point total drops. The full list of ban levels is as follows:

  • 40 points = 6 month Community ban
  • 70 points = 1 year Community and 1 year Competitive ban
  • 90 points = 2 year Community and 2 year Competitive ban

Again, the full list of infractions can be found in the link below and administrators highly recommend you read up on them, as not knowing that you are breaking the rules is not a valid excuse. If you have any questions regarding infractions please post in #help in the ozfortress Discord.

[View the full infractions list]

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