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Winter isn't just coming, it's here!

Welcome back to the 40th season of OWL ozfortress Sixes Winter '24! During the off-season, the community was heavily involved in discussions about the future of our game.

Below we have a list of changes that will be implemented in the upcoming season as well as some updates to our staff.


You can sign up for Sixes Winter '24 from Wednesday the 5th of June 2024, until Wednesday the 19th of June 2024. We aim to have seeding out by Friday the 21st of June 2024 at the latest, before the season starts. The season starts Sunday the 23rd of June 2024.

Sixes Winter '24 Pre-Season Survey

We've put out a pre-season survey to determine exactly what you want to see from this season. The survey will close Saturday the 8th of June 2024. Please fill out the survey!

Staff Updates

With another season, comes multi ple changes - an inevitable part of life is other priorities taking up your time. With that, we are sad to announce that down, wills, raina and multi have decided to pursue other ventures and step down from the league administration team. However, that does leave room for new talent and ideas! Both new and old, inStinct will be joining as our first new 6's Trial Admin. catfish will be (re)joining the team as a league administrator! Finally, with many seasons of experience as a league administrator, Hawk will take on the Sixes Head Administrator position in multi's stead.

Changes, Rule Modifications and Additions

The following is a list of changes and additions that are being made to ozfortress that will either change or affect how the Sixes Winter '24 league is run.

Secondary Match Days Removed:

  • Secondary Match Days have been removed. If teams are unable to play their match between Sunday - Thursday then they will need to be granted an extension via their division admin to play on Friday or Saturday.

Mercenery Usage:

  • When admin intervention is required for mediating denied mercenary usage, the proposed mercenary will be valued against the player they are replacing. It is not just a blanket check of the division they are playing in. This is staying in line with restricting mid-season transfer requests to avoid teams upgrading their roster mid-season.

Pick/ban Time Requirement

  • For this season we are awaiting final results of the survey before confirming this rule change.

Pick/ban Process Changes

  • This season will revert the Pick/ban process (for B03) which last season rewarded the higher seed strongly. This will be changed back to a more even:
    • Home-Ban, Away-Ban, Home-Pick, Away-Pick, Away-Ban, Home-Pick

No Late teams added

  • Once the divisional seedings have been finalised, teams will not be allowed to sign up for the season under any circumstances - regardless if a team disbands mid-season.

Team Captain Disband

  • Harsher punishments may apply for team captains or any rostered players who are either at fault or do not help the situation where a team is forced to disband mid-season.

Seedings and Class restrictions

  • Our plan for this season is to have a consistent approach for seeding and class restrictions. Teams will be required to list their core player's classes upon signup and (in most cases) will not be restricted from these. This is not a blanket immunity for lower divisions, as we will be seeding based on the overall strength of the team. Higher-skilled players playing with lower-skilled players would push the overall level of their team into a suitable division. After teams are seeded, we will separate them into divisions and restrict players that we think would have a negative impact on their division if they were to swap classes after the season begins. For example, if a top Premier Division scout signed up to a team as Demo and were seeded into High, they would likely be restricted off scout for balance. The same would apply to subs. Please note that this system allows for unrestricted players in a division to be of the same skill level of players with restrictions in the same divisions. Therefore comparisons to other players alone will not be a sufficient argument to restrict or un-restrict a player.

Two things to note:

  • There are further changes coming, but we are awaiting data from the pre-season survey. Please make sure to fill this out at the top of the league page.
  • Rule changes may not be updated on the website's docs. We will have them modified and updated prior to the season's start.