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Award Voting

Howdy folks, with the temperature dropping and the winter months approaching it is time we Farwell the Autumn '24 Sixes and Highlander season's with our seasonal award voting. Voting is open from now and closes on the 19th of May 2024 at 11:59pm AEST. Votes will need to be submitted by Team Captain's who team's competed in the aforementioned seasons.

For those who are new or unfamiliar to voting any and all information regarding the process can be found in the links below but to summaries it for all who may be curious;

Team captains vote for players who competed in their teams division for certain categories in which players are nominated in. From left to right players voted will receive 3, 2 and 1 points with the player with the most points receiving the award. All categories require 3 votes with teams and team captains being prohibited from voting for players who were rostered on their team. Votes only need to be done for the division you and your team competed in.

Votes are to be submitted to the admins listed on the voting spaces below.

Sixes Voting

Premier VotingHigh VotingIntermediate VotingMain VotingOpen Voting

Highlander Voting

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Post Season Surveys

Finally, with all Autumn competitions complete we are looking to receive any and all feedback you've got through our Post Season Surveys. This time around we are dividing our surveys up to focus on getting feedback from each individual division of play for both Sixes and Highlander. We hope this will allow us to identify the issues effecting each area with more ease as well as still getting an idea of what you, the community, want in future seasons.

Sixes Surveys

Premier SurveyHigh SurveyIntermediate SurveyMain SurveyOpen Survey

Highlander Surveys

Premier SurveyMain Survey