Sperkle Highlander Head Admin & Media Coordinator

How to Vote

We've reformatted our voting threads to better enable captains in correctly formatting and submitting their votes to us. Take a look, and let us know if you run into any issues.

1. Putting your votes together

Captains shall select three options from the Nominated Players heading and put them in order of highest vote to lowest vote using the following template. The first name will receive three votes, the second will receive two votes and the third will receive one vote. Voting for your own teammates is not allowed, regardless of the award (this includes Best Caster).

Important formatting - you must copy-paste your vote EXACTLY, and separate votes using commas. Again we are using an automated script to process these votes, and incorrectly imputed votes may not be counted!

Your team name:
Your team division: Premier

Best Scout: first-place vote, second-place vote, third-place vote
Best Soldier:
Best Pyro:
Best Demoman:
Best Heavy:
Best Engineer:
Best Medic:
Best Sniper:
Best Spy:
Friendliest Team:
Most Improved Player:
Most Improved Team:
Most Valuable Player:
Best Dressed Team:
Best Caster:

Your completed template should look like this (with the correct players on their classes, the same players have been used for each award in this example for simplicity) without the point allocations after each player name:

Your team name: Your Team Here
Your team division: Your Division Here

Best Scout: /dev/zero (3 points), wiggin (2 points), obla (1 point)
Best Soldier: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Pyro: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Demoman: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Heavy: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Engineer: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Medic: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Sniper: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Best Spy: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Most Improved Player: /dev/zero, wiggin, obla
Most Improved Team: Atomic Affinity, Red Pandas, Musos Deluxe
Friendliest Team: Atomic Affinity, Red Pandas, Musos Deluxe
Best Caster: catfish, core, obla

Remember: Voting for your own teammates is not allowed.

Nominated Players

The following players and teams are nominated for awards:

Best Scout: HUNGRY4EGGS, Miffy, waves, freaky, Time, bobo.

Best Soldier: lizrd-wizrd, nobo, Stamm, Redja, jv, Trash.

Best Pyro: ms. pauling bong fiend, peep, Styxs, Bree, CH, ziah.

Best Demoman: RAZE, heavenslept, turris, oLae!, Beats.

Best Heavy: JP, TUX, Rainy, max, Zinsh, Gazza.

Best Engineer: Sexy Turtle, Mikcow, jupyter, Golden Terrestrial, Square Bread, arbabf.

Best Medic: remorse, emgee, tal, Kai, woozy, silent.

Best Sniper: calski, bill, Flow, strawbunny, Reaps, Titan.

Best Spy: Andyroo, henwe, choco milk, Daggerman105, Speedy, finzz.

Most Improved Player: Capy, heavenslept, Stamm, strawbunny, Speedy, Gazza.

Most Improved Team: Musos Deluxe, crylander, NOT rascals, Tactical Paws, Significant Otter, dap me up.

Friendliest Team: Musos Deluxe, crylander, NOT rascals, Tactical Paws, Significant Otter, dap me up.

Most Valuable Player: HUNGRY4EGGS, lizrd-wizrd, ms. pauling bong fiend, RAZE, JP, Sexy Turtle, remorse, calski, Andyroo, Miffy, nobo, peep, heavenslept, TUX, Mikcow, emgee, bill, henwe, waves, Stamm, Styxs, turris, Rainy, jupyter, tal, Flow, choco milk, freaky, Redja, Bree, oLae!, max, Golden Terrestrial, Kai, strawbunny, Daggerman105, Time, jv, CH, Beats, Zinsh, Sqaure Bread, woozy, Reaps, Speedy, bobo, Trash, ziah, Gazza, arbabf, silent, Titan, finzz.

Best Dressed Team: Musos Deluxe, crylander, NOT rascals, Tactical Paws, Significant Otter, dap me up.

Best Caster: turris, Rainy, Sperkle, freaky, xobile

2. Submitting your votes

The votes must be sent through to your division administrator via Discord DMs:

Votes need to be submitted to one of the admins listed above by the 19th of May at 11:59pm AEST. Failing to do this will prevent your votes from being counted.


How is Voting calculated?

We will use instant runoff voting to calculate the results.

Will we not receive in-game medals if we fail to submit our votes?

We only penalize failure to submit nominations, as we believe that every player should have the chance to be voted for.

How long will it take for Awards to be released?

The release of Awards often varies, but you can expect it usually within a week or two of Voting closing.

Thank you based Valen for their work to improve our scripts used for nominations and voting!