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Hi everyone, Award nominations are now open for both Sixes and Highlander for the Autumn '24 Season. At the bottom of this thread you will find links explaining how to submit your team's award nominations. If you need any assistance in this process please reach out to your Division Administrators for help. Award Nominations will close on Sunday the 7th of April at 11:59pm AEST 2024.

If this is your first time submitting Award Nominations there are some guidelines and information below to keep in mind:

  • Only one of the captains on your roster needs to submit your team's nominations. We expect most teams usually discuss who they want to nominate for what award. Please note, you can only nominate your teammates for an award, voting will come after all nominations are submitted.
  • Failure to submit nominations is pretty severe - failing to submit nominations will result in your team not receiving any in-game badges/medals. Whilst we do not require everyone to vote on awards, we require that all teams submit nominations, to give everyone on your roster a fair shot at winning one of the end-of-season awards! If you have any issues with this ruling, please feel free to reach out and exclusions can be discussed.

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