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2024 Highlander Staff

First of all, it's 2024! We hope you're excited about what we may have coming this year. Sadly with the new year, come some staff changes. Long-time Highlander Head Admin bird has chosen to step down from her role. bird has been with us for over three years, beginning as a league admin for RSL, and seeing our merge with Respawn League (RSL). We would like to wish bird the best for the future! Stepping up to fill bird's shoes is Sperkle, who everyone has come to know as one of the hardest-working volunteers ozfortress has seen in some time, and I have no doubt that he'll meet the challenge and excel.

So what does the Highlander staff team look like heading into our first season of 2024? Well, we are still talking to some of the applicants, but we are certainly looking for more, so don't hesitate to apply!

Highlander Head Admin

  • Sperkle

Highlander League Admins

  • Kai
  • Oldcustard
  • Rainy

We want you!

We are looking to expand the Highlander staff team. If you think you have what it takes, see our Join ozfortress page for more info on the role and how to apply.